Tollywood Directors Are Not Happy With Shruti Hassan


Tollywood Directors Are Not Happy With Shruti Hassan Behavior

All the Telugu Film big Directors are waiting for Shruti Hassan dates but Shruti is denying all the Telugu movies and seeking opportunities in Bollywood. Even she is not responding for some Telugu movie directors so all the Telugu movie directors are unhappy with shruti behavior. by rejecting Telugu movie opportunities she doing a blender mistake she has a good fan following Andhra pradesh using that craze she can demand more remuneration from the producers but she wasting all the opportunities and by doing actions like this her stardom in Telugu industry will fade out with in no time. And she is not getting continues offers in Bollywood even though she is not ready to Telugu films that’s why all the tollywood directors are angry on Shruti Hassan. Hope Shruti will change her mind set and will act more Telugu film’s

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