Naa Chinni Kannulu Chevulu Rhyme Video Song | Telugu | Kid’s | Children’s


Naa Chinni Kannulu Telugu Rhyme Video for Kid’s

Naa Chinni Kannulu Chevulu: Telugu Rhymes song  for children’s ”  Naa Chinni Kannulu Chevulu”  song is very interesting for children’s enjoining the children’s. Every children’s know about hears and Eyes. Every person important  about the things they say the children’s given some message oriented song form the Telugu Rhyme Video for Kid’s Naa Chinni Kannulu Chevulu song. Telugu Rhymes Naa Chinni Kannulu Chevulu song is very children’s play and learn the food this ans importance body including parts for Eyes and Hears.

Naa Chinni Kannulu Telugu Rhyme Video for Children’s

Naa Chinni Kannulu Chevulu Telugu Rhyme Lyrics

Naa Chinni Kannulu rendu emchestunnao telusaa
Eelokamlone Ventalanni kanipenchela chestnnai
Harivelli vanna kanipestunnai
Pachani chilakalu kanipestunnai
Chetulu pandlu  kanipistunnai
Totalu pulu kanipistunnai
Pillala atalu kanipestunnai
Edla ballu kanipestunnai
Kondalu konalu kanipestunnai
Vagulu nadhulu kanipestnnai
Naa chinni Chevulu amchestunnao telusa
Sabdalanni naku vinipenchela chestunnai
Chitapata chinukulu vinipestunnai
Amma matalu vinipestunnai
Kokila patalu vinipestunnai
Pellala navulu vinpestunnai
Melam talam venipestinnai
Bus, caru vinipestunnai
Badilo gnatalu vinipestunnai
Pthalanni vinipestunnai

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