Mahesh Babu is Not Like His Father


Mahesh Babu Taking Too much Time To Complete A Film

Mahesh Babu is not like his father Krishna. Krishna is acted more than 340 films in his career. When Krishna in young age more than 10 of his films released every year. And he spends a busy life compared Mahesh Babu. But Mahesh Babu taking too much time to complete a film and even he struggling to release a film per every year. Mahesh had much fame and craze in fans compared to Krishna he is now the top most hero in Telugu Industry. All the fans of Mahesh feeling bad by the gap between the mahesh Babu films. They are expecting at least three films every year but mahesh Babu only giving only one film to his fans. Up to now Mahesh Babu complete 22 films in his career as lead actor from the year 1999 this not a good count compared to his father. Waiting to see Mahesh Babu to act more and more films and release them continuously in every year behalf of his fans. Mahesh Babu last film released in 2016 and his next film Jana Gana Mana is going to release in 2017 so this is also taking one year gap.

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