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Kabali Movie Review

Kabali Movie is Superstar Rajinikanth 2016 action Thriller movie. Kabali movie starring Rajinikantha and Radhika Apte lead roles in this movie. Kabali movie songs composer and background score given by santhosh Narayan.

Kabali movie review and rating public talk

Kabali Movie Story

Coming to Movie story Kabali is a Realistic gang War movie set in the backdrop of malaysia. the movie review is screenplay very slow is the main drawback of the movie. in kabali movie Rajinikanth very stylish and looking ultra posh quality and cinematography and artwork makes this movie appreciable. this main depends on commercial mass elements. in kabali movie main highlight interval scene is very interesting for this movie superb twist and superb timing for this movie ending emotional flashback to end. in Kabali movie Rajinikanth introduction is superb, kabali is released from the jail after 25 years. so many scenes in Kabali movie attacks drugs wings of gang 43, came out well. kabali movie got good huge response from audience. fans are very enjoying Rajini dance and style. the special dance moments and fights scenes liked by fans. Kabali (kabaleswran) is the story of man who worked for betterment of working class Indians alive in malaysia. Kabali search of his wife in India boring scenes he learned about the wife alive in India kabali flies to India. Kabali is realistic gang war movie set in the backdrop of Malaysia. slow screen play only one problem of the first half. coming to movie quality is slow screen play slick visuals, realistic gang war and Rajini super charisma in this movie so many positive points in this movie. slow screen play is the main issue for this movie. introduction is main plus point for this movie.

Kabali movie Climax Scene

kabali movie review and ratingClimax scenes of kabali movie kabali enters into Tony lee’s dad 100th birthday celebrations mind blowing. Now, Kabali being alone- how kabali will take on mighty Gang 43 will be interesting. Finally Rajini meets his wife appeals ladies family audience and fans.

Rajinikanth Kabali Movie Rating – 3.5/5