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Joker Movie Review| Rating | Guru Somasundaram

Joker Movie Guru Somasundaram he is an most popular hero in Tamil film industry. Precisely he has did number of movies in Tamil. He is one of the best actor in Tamil. Recently he has acted a one movie that is Joker it is very interested story and very old generation and new generations like this movie. The story was amazing he is acting skill is awesome. Joker movie Director Raju Murugan he is one of the best detector in Tamil film industries. Joker movie like Comedy and Social responsibilities for the people’s importance of every person responsible in society. Guru Somasundaram is played in main role of the Joker movie he is only person respect the peoples and respect the society. The political leaders will come and asked votes and give a promises to peoples but end of the day they are not responsible for the peoples the is he is always fight the peoples for security and social responsibilities that is Joker movie played in this role played Guru Somasundaram is key role in this Joker Tamil movie.

Joker Movie Guru Somasundaram: Joker Movie Guru Somasundaram he is great actor in the Tamil films. Joker movie played along with Ramya Pandian ,Gayathri Krishna, Bava Chelladurai they are very good actors in Tamil film industry. They are played main role of the Joker movie these are the key roles in this Joker movie. Each and every role is very important in the Joker movie. There are very given good performance is very natural and reality and given best support in the Joker movie. Director Raju Murugan he is story line prepared for this social responsibilities and political drama story the drama is given best of the actress and updated village peoples learn the responsibilities of the social and society.

Ramya Pandian, Gayathri Krishna: Joker movie actress this heroines are looking pretty good and and there are given full support in this Joker movie. Joker movie very good comedy and Social responsible movie each and every actor is looking very good. Joker movie given every player is the best did duty very well. Each character is very important and story demanded characters there are did very well like comedy, political and social responsible drama. This is every one learn and improved the responsible of the society.

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Joker movie is in testing and humble story in the villages and political drama as like a one of the person will come one village he is do anything for the public nerviest as a Joker. Joker he has a save the peoples and tackier of the social responsibilities say the peoples if any work jest he do it for the number of works as is the Joker. In that village peoples suffering the all facilities like political leaders given some promises but there are not reacted in that responsible so Joker take all responsible for the Joker will doing well. Coming to comedy it has namely put a Joker that is movie name is Joker he is doing anything like comedy peoples always enjoying his comedy. Joker is village person he is also one of the person in that village.


Joker Tamil Movie Review: Performances

Joker Movie Guru Somasundaram he is did the best of performance in this Joker movie. Each and every character has doing the our the best of this Joker movie Ramya Pandian, Gayathri Krishna, Ramasamy M, Bava Chelladurai they are did very well in this Joker movie. They are did the best performance of this film in the character artist in the Tamil film industry each and every character very important in this Joker movie. Music Sean Roldan, Cinematography Chezhiyan, Editing Shanmugam Velusamy, ScreenplayBava Chelladurai these are the give our best but peoples expected more performance this persons other wise the Joker movie is good in the Tamil version.

Joker Movie Direction Department:

Joker movie Director Raju Murugan he is one of great director in Tamil film industry he is the film director gives direction to the cast and crew and creates an overall vision through which a film eventually becomes realized, or noticed. Directors need to be able to mediate differences in creative visions and stay in the boundaries of the film’s budget. Some directors also write their own screenplays or collaborate on screenplays with long-standing writing partners. The Joker movie Produced by S R Prakashbabu, Music Sean Roldan, Cinematography Chezhiyan, Editing Shanmugam Velusamy they are given our best.

Joker Movie Review Positives

  • Movie Guru Somasundaram
  • Ramya Pandian
  • Music

Joker Movie Review: Negatives

  • Rotten story
  • Screen play
  • Direction

Joker Movie Rating: 3/5

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Joker Movie Cast and Crew

Guru Somasundaram, Ramya Pandian, Gayathri Krishna, Bava Chelladurai, Ramasamy M.

  • Director: Raju Murugan
  • Producer: S R Prakashbabu
  • Music: Sean Roldan
  • Cinematography: Chezhiyan
  • Editing: Shanmugam Velusamy